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DATELINE—EUROPE: Trade Rules Threaten Again

In Issue #2 of our newsletter, we warned that global trade rules posed a a grave threat to climate change efforts and, to the subject we address here as our mission, will scuttle even modest attempts at ensuring a worker- and community-centric Just Transition. After all, the so-called “free trade” regime, built over half a […]

Just Transition Insights, Issue #5, 12/12/2022

Leading Off: Is Sparkz A Just Transition Model? In May 2022, the United Mine Workers of America reached an agreement with Sparkz, a battery manufacturer, to employ union members at the company’s planned factory in West Virginia. The site, a 482,000-square-foot (4.5-hectare) plant in Taylor County off U.S. Route 50 near Bridgeport, is slated to […]