Just Transition for All


Welcome to Just Transition For All!

Just Transition is a once-in-a-century global economic transformation that will touch the lives of tens of millions of workers, and their communities, in every nook and cranny of the planet.

This site’s philosophy is simple: only a “high bar” Just Transition will guarantee a better future for workers, sustain their communities and ensure economic vitality on every continent as every nation grapples with climate change. The site’s central focus is how climate change and decarbonization will effect the current and future lives of workers. You can read our full Guiding Philosophy here.

The mission of this one-of-a-kind site is to offer the most comprehensive global trove of information about Just Transition information and analysis cascading from every corner of the planet (initially, due to resources, we regret that most of the documents will be posted in English only)

The site will also ignite, invite and inspire debate.

Our team offers three basic services:

  • A free archive collecting the widest spectrum of information on Just Transition from every corner of the globe. Information posted may include reports with contrasting opinions, even instances in which a report’s position may contradict the Guiding Philosophy of this site. In addition, we post regular blog articles, which are also available for free. We believe our audience will welcome a robust debate!
  • A *subscriber only* newsletter for analysts, researchers, private and public decision makers, advocates, and a general audience, which offers   unique analysis, alerts to key developments and conversations with decision-makers and key players. Subscriptions are structured to accommodate a wide variety of users. See the options here!
  • Where we can translate our expertise into action, we will consider fee-based consultancies to plan, build and execute “high bar” Just Transition initiatives.
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