Just Transition for All

DATELINE—EGYPT: COP27 Is A Bust For Workers
By Jonathan Tasini

We will discuss this at length in the next newsletter with *exclusive* reports from people who were there—SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss it—but it’s pretty easy to say now that COP27 was a bust for workers.

Perhaps not a surprise but workers barely figure in the calculation at COP27 when the topic is Just Transition. We’ve read the draft final statement from the summit and it doesn’t refer to “workers” or “unions” and you have to use some fairly flexible interpretation of the language to deduce that a sentence or phrase means guaranteeing incomes for workers who will lose their jobs.

Don’t get us wrong—we heartily support money going for adaptation and mitigation of the devastating consequences of climate change, principally to lower-income countries. However, workers have to be front and center to how the money is doled out. More next week! You will not want to miss the info.

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