Just Transition for All


Just Transition Insights, Issue #4, 11/28/2022

Leading Off: For Workers, COP27 Lives Up To Low Expectations [Editorial Note: we are devoting this issue to various aspects of COP27] Though hardly surprising, COP27 made it abundantly clear that workers just don’t explicitly figure into the calculations of the parties gathering in the negotiating rooms who bicker over the details of climate change. […]

DATELINE—BALI: An Empty Promise For Indonesian Workers

A recurring theme here will be: calling out the false use of “Just Transition”. Today’s example hails from the G20 meetings in Bali. Per the Financial Times (reported elsewhere, as well): Wealthy nations led by the US and Japan have offered Indonesia a $20bn package to help pay for the coal-dependent country’s shift to renewable […]

Just Transition Insights, Issue #3, 11/14/2022

Leading Off: Transforming Energy Systems If you read our Guiding Philosophy, you noted this passage: Just Transition means evaluating how energy, and other social goods (such as clean water and clear air), are equally shared. In the future, access to electricity will increasingly require broad democratic rights to establish more publicly-owned energy resources to deliver […]

DATELINE—SOUTH AFRICA: Rich Countries Coming Up Short

Watch our next newsletter to dive into this a bit more. The North-South divide when it comes to Just Transition is getting wider, this via the Financial Times: The South African government has criticised the structure of an $8.5bn finance package provided by developed countries to help it shift from coal to clean energy, saying […]

DATELINE—U.S.: How Will You Know?

It’s pretty much a mystery, if you survey the landscape around the world: what do those promised “green jobs”, the jobs that millions of workers who will lose jobs to de-carbonization are being told to expect, pay? Hard to know except through random anecdotes. Which might be, then, a reason to press for similar legislation […]